Thursday, 24 March 2011

Other thrillers

What we found out that with other thrillers we watched clips of, we found that the beginning of them gave the impression that something was going to happen straight away but then it goes into something completely different. One we watched was sorority row and the beginning was really creepy and then it went into one of their house parties. This is a good example of what we where trying to achieve with our thriller.

Screen Shot

We took lots of screen shots from our thriller to put into our evaluation.
We took shots of the following to explain in out thriller:
Angle shots

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Adding Clips

The clip at the end we thought we would add because we thought it would give more to the storyline and also it would make it more creepy and more thriller like.

Editing lights

We wanted more lights to be put on our film so we spent some time enhancing the colours on it.

voice over's

To add to our thriller we decided to put voice overs on the clips through out the the film. We don't no how this will make the thriller look but we think that it will make it better and give more of a story. We went into another room where it was quiet and filmed talking. We wrote out a short script so we new vaguely what we where going to say we filmed it three times so we could have some choice over it. We also did it in different styles and then re- recored the parts we didn't like so much.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Making it better

To make our thriller better we are planning on making it shorter and snappy unlike what it was. The music is going to be louder and more creepy and we are going to use different sound tracks not just the one. We also plan to put added sound effects on the clips making it more thriller like. We are making the green screen shots like a club adding lighting effects on them. We have cut the thriller down a lot so hopefully it will be less boring to watch as the camera angles move around more keeping the audience interested. Other than that we are just polishing it off.